Team Marilyn

Gary Vitacco-RoblesGary Vitacco-Robles

Producer, Writer, Author & Mental Health Expert

Gary is a co-producer and writer of the podcast and the best-selling author of ICON: The Life, Times & Films of Marilyn Monroe (Volumes 1 & 2) as well as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and National Certified Counselor. Join Gary on Facebook.

Nina BoskiNina Boski

Producer, Host, Life & Media Expert

Nina is the co-producer of the podcast as well as a media executive, radio and TV host (Goodnight Marilyn and other shows), keynote speaker, and life and business coach to thousands of people, and a Marilyn expert.

Randall LiberoRandall Libero

Producer, Writer & Media Executive

Randall is the co-producer, writer, and supervising editor of the podcast. He has been a producer and writer in media and broadcasting for over 30 years. He is currently an executive producer for many popular lifestyle and entertainment radio shows including Goodnight Marilyn Radio, an investigation series on the life and death of Marilyn Monroe.

Leon StuparichLeon Stuparich

Producer & Sound Designer

Leon is an award-winning Documentary Producer who made his debut with the celebrated Dalai Lama documentary Road to Peace in 2012. With an extensive Post Production and Editing background in UK and US film and television spanning 25 years, Leon specializes in prime-time documentaries and factual entertainment programs for the BBC (Paul McCartney Meets Idris Elba), Channel 4, Freemantle, and Warner Bros. Leon has recently edited two seasons of The Masked Singer Podcast for Fox and is the Series Editor for Marylin: Behind the Icon. Leon has developed a keen interest in exploring spiritual ideas and pathways for self-transformation which inspire and inform his work.

Erin Gavin
Photo by Ash Gupta
Erin Gavin

Actress (Marilyn Monroe)

Erin was a child actress and then expanded into roles on the television series EastEndersStill Game, and Footballers’ Wives, in addition to a role in the horror film Dread before moving from the UK to California. Since that time, she has had roles in films and television series including Junk1000 Ways To DieMaking Thirty, and The Love Addict. In 2014, Erin played the role of Marilyn Monroe in the stage play Marilyn: My Secret at the Macha Theatre in Hollywood, California. She also played Monroe in the television film Marilyn Monroe: The Last Investigation. Now she is taking on the role that was made for her, Marilyn: Behind the Icon.

Brad HylandBrad Hyland


As an award-winning voice actor, Brad has been voicing projects for over 20 years and he is perfect for the sound of this podcast. His bold but friendly and connective style can be heard in museum and visitor center film narrations, as well as many current corporate and commercial projects all around the globe. He has voiced commercials for Pepsi Max, Amtrak, Abercrombie & Fitch, TaylorMade Golf, Whirlpool/Maytag, Texas A&M and other major universities, and is also the voice of “Santa” for Elf on the Shelf.

Special Investigation Series Team
Nina Boski

HOST (see above)

Gary Vitacco-Robles

MARILYN PANEL EXPERT with over 25 years research experience (see above)

Randall Libero

PRODUCER (see above)

April Chambers
April Chambers (VeVea)

MARILYN PANEL EXPERT and author of Marilyn: A Day in the Life with over 15 years experience

Donald R. McGovern
Donald R. McGovern

MARILYN PANEL EXPERT and author of Murder Orthodoxies: A Non-Conspiracist’s View of Marilyn Monroe’s Death with over 11 years research experience


Josh Randell (Ep 1)
David Graterol (Ep 2)
William Kollar (Ep 2, 3)
Gianina Monroe (Ep 4, 5)
Leon Stuparich (Ep 6)
Leon Stuparich & Asst. Editor Kendra Goff (Ep 7)

Supervising Editor

Randall Libero

Public Relations

Diane Markovski

Website Design

John Kwon


Erica Dobek