Lonely Escape Into Dreams

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn drives to Palm Springs to meet her father with a friend in early 1951. She recalls her early years living with her Mother and her childhood experiences escaping her lonely life at the local movie theater. Norma Jeane attends a movie premiere in 1933 at the Chinese Theater with Gladys and Grace. She begins to build an imaginary world to escape her harsh reality through the fantasy of the movies of the early 1930s. Flash forward to Marilyn meeting her childhood film idol, Clark Gable, the King of Hollywood, at a lavish Hollywood party after The Seven Year Itch is released.

In my daydreams, I remember imagining myself becoming so beautiful that people would turn to look at me when I passed.

Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe
Gary Vitacco-Robles
Sidney Skolsky
Mary Gifford
Ida Bolender
Gladys Baker
Norma Jeane (age 7)
Grace McKee
Charlie Wellman
Mary Pickford
Douglas Fairbanks
Clark Gable
Erin Gavin
Brad Hyland
Vince Melamed
Stephanie Ittleson
Tiffany Goodman
Kristina Martin
Juliana Alden
Nina Boski
Chase Shumway
Naomi Rohatyn
Randall Libero
Deven Green
Stephanie Ittleson
Ron Hayden

Norma Jeane: Discovering Truths


Co-producers Nina, Randall and Gary explore Marilyn’s friendship with Sidney Skolsky and relationships with older partners influenced by abandonment and rejection by her father. Gary describes Marilyn’s lack of protection in childhood and fragmentation resulting in her craving a father figure as well as the impact of her father’s rejection on her psyche, making her vulnerable to targeting by unhealthy males. Randall highlights actress Mary Pickford as a role model to young Norma Jeane, both women having screen images different from their personalities and establishing their own production companies. They discuss films and female stars of the 1930s providing education and escape to Norma Jeane and her ability to use visualization to achieve her goals. Gary explores Marilyn’s relationship with her half-sister and efforts to protect her family from the media.

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