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A Series of Podcasts on the Remarkable Life of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn: Behind the Icon is a combination of several podcasts: a dramatic podcast series blending a uniquely scripted episodic story with commentary on the remarkable life of Marilyn Monroe. It’s up-close, raw and real; telling her story through extensively researched historical events, including Marilyn Monroe’s own perspective in her own words.

We explore her inner journey and human side as no other podcast, film or TV show has ever done before. The series portrays her personal struggles with childhood trauma, mental illness, and addiction in addition to her amazing resiliency in achieving her dreams as one of the greatest actresses and icons in motion picture history. There is also a companion series podcast to every dramatic episode, Norma Jeane: Discovering Truths.

Lastly, Behind the Icon‘s new Special Investigation Series into the star’s death centers around all the rumors that have plaguing her legacy for the last six decades. A credible investigation panel will break down for the audience what is fact, probably theory, or outlandish rumor.

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Volume 1
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What Killed Marilyn Monroe, Volume 1
Icon: What Killed Marilyn Monroe, Volume 2
What Killed Marilyn Monroe, Volume 2